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Yamhill County Democrats Pass Resolution #2021-001

RESOLUTION #2021-001

A RESOLUTION OF THE Yamhill County Democrats 

CONDEMNING the action by the Newberg School Board, Reaffirms YCDs support for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community members and freedom of speech.


WHEREAS, A 4-3 majority of the Newberg School Board voted to ban the use of Pride Flags, Black Lives Matter Flags and other articles of clothing or signs with similar symbols from all district facilities; and


WHEREAS, the Newberg School Boards new proposal directs the policy committee to draft language prohibiting the display of political signs, flags, apparel, buttons, and placards, and all other modes of display from District facilities, with the sole exception of the American Flag and Oregon state flag; and 


WHEREAS, the Yamhill County Democrats is a party which embraces inclusivity and diversity; and


WHEREAS, the Yamhill County Democrats strive to provide a voice for every community member, including historically disenfranchised groups; and 


WHEREAS, the stated goals of the Newberg School Boards website are to “Commit to becoming an Anti-Racism Board” and to “Create an equity lens to be used as a tool in board decisions”; and 


WHEREAS, the actions of the Newberg School Board violate the First Amendment rights of everyone, with especially harmful effects for LGBTQ+ and communities of color; and 


WHEREAS, the Newberg School Boards decision serves no inherent academic purpose and appears to be solely political; and 


WHEREAS, this type of rule does not exist in any other district across the state;




SECTION 1. Condemn the actions of a majority of the Newberg School Board Directors that serve no educational purpose and appear to be driven by political motives and call for the immediate reversal of the policy.


SECTION 2. Call on our State Legislators and local elected officials to take action to protect the First Amendment rights of historically politically disenfranchised communities. 


SECTION 3. Voice our support and appreciation to the three Newberg School Board Directors who voted against the policy. 


SECTION 4. Reaffirm our commitment to standing by the LGBTQ+ community and communities of colors against racist, xenophobic, and homophobic actions like the decision taken by the Newberg School Board.


Approved, August 26, 2021

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Omar Sandoval, 503-437-8925




Yamhill County Democrats Endorse Berschauer Recall

Sunday, August 15, 2021

(McMinnville, OR) Yamhill County Democrats have voted to endorse the recall effort against Yamhill County Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer.  Following the announcement of the recall in early August, the Yamhill County Democrats Executive Committee called a Special Meeting August 12 to consider the question.  Representatives from Save Yamhill County, the organization behind the recall effort, made a presentation to the assembled Precinct Committeepersons, after which the vote was unanimous.


As with any endorsed candidate or campaign, Yamhill County Democrats will provide support to the Recall effort at their McMinnville office, 1107 NE Baker St, where office volunteers will be able to collect signatures, and through social media. The Yamhill Democrats will also activate other volunteer programs to make this recall a reality.  


“I've never been involved with a recall before, but having had my own experience as an elected local nonpartisan official, it is clear that Lindsay Berschauer either has no awareness of or does not care about the boundaries of her authority. Along with her poor treatment of county staff, her actions expose the county to the risk of even more taxpayer dollars lost to legal battles -- on top of the money already lost due to her actions. Yamhill County cannot afford to keep her in office.” - Amy Wilder, PCP for Precinct 21, former Carlton City Councilmember


"This isn't partisan, Yamhill County has had a conservative majority on the Board of Commissioners for decades. Lindsay Berschauer is the first person to hold the seat who has inspired so many people to call for a recall, and I voted to support the Recall because she's unethical and bad for our County, not because she's a Republican."  - Megan Corvus, PCP for Precinct 13


“We have already had several people drop into the office asking if we have petitions to sign.  I recommended that YCD endorse the Recall so that we can take advantage of the infrastructure we have built over the past year to support this effort.” -Sue Delventhal, Outreach Committee Chair, PCP for Precinct 9

Para publicación inmediata:

Domingo 15 de agosto de 2021

Contacto: Omar Sandoval, 503-437-8925




Los demócratas del condado de Yamhill respaldan el esfuerzo de destitución de Berschauer

Domingo 15 de agosto de 2021

(McMinnville, OR) Los demócratas del condado de Yamhill votaron para respaldar el esfuerzo de destitución contra la comisionada del condado de Yamhill, Lindsay Berschauer.  Tras el anuncio del retiro a principios de agosto, el Comité Ejecutivo Demócrata del Condado de Yamhill convocó una Reunión Especial el 12 de agosto para considerar la cuestión.  Representantes del condado de Save Yamhill, la organización detrás del esfuerzo de destitución, hicieron una presentación a los miembros del Comité de Precinto reunidos, después de lo cual la votación fue unánime.


Al igual que con cualquier candidato o campaña respaldada, los demócratas del condado de Yamhill brindarán apoyo al esfuerzo y utilizarán su oficina de McMinnville, 1107 NE Baker St, donde los voluntarios de la oficina podrán recolectar firmas y a través de las redes sociales.  Los demócratas de Yamhill también activarán otros programas de voluntariado para hacer realidad este esfuerzo. 


“Nunca había participado con una campaña de destitución, pero habiendo tenido mi propia experiencia como funcionaria no partidista local, está claro que Lindsay Berschauer no tiene conciencia o no se preocupa por los límites de su autoridad.  Junto con su mal trato del personal del condado, sus acciones exponen al condado al riesgo de que se pierdan aún más dólares de los contribuyentes en batallas legales, además del dinero ya perdido debido a sus acciones.  El condado de Yamhill no puede permitirse mantenerla en el cargo ".  - Amy Wilder, PCP del Precinto 21, ex concejal de la ciudad de Carlton


"Esto no es partidista, el condado de Yamhill ha tenido una mayoría conservadora en la Junta de Comisionados durante décadas. Lindsay Berschauer es la primera persona en ocupar el puesto que ha inspirado a tanta gente a pedir una revocación, y yo voté a favor de la destitución porque no es ética y es mala para nuestro condado, no porque sea republicana ".  - Megan Corvus, PCP del Precinto 13


“Ya hemos tenido varias personas que se han acercado a la oficina para preguntar si tenemos peticiones para firmar.  Recomendé que YCD respalde el retiro del mercado para que podamos aprovechar la infraestructura que hemos construido durante el año pasado para apoyar este esfuerzo.  "-Sue Delventhal, PCP del Precinto 9

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Omar Sandoval, 503-437-8925




Yamhill County Democrats Call for the Expulsion of Representative Mike Nearman from the Oregon Legislative Assembly

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 

(McMinnville, OR) Following the release of video surveillance footage showing Representative Mike Nearman of House District 23 aiding protesters in a breach of the Oregon Legislature during a closed special session, the Yamhill County Democrats call for his immediate expulsion from the legislative assembly.  


Tiffany Henness, HD23 Constituent: 

“I am calling for the removal of my House District 23 Representative, Mike Nearman for his actions on December 21st, 2020. Nearman knowingly put his colleagues at risk. Nearman supported a radical group in their attempt to disrupt, or possibly overthrow, our State leadership. While I am sympathetic to those who do not feel heard by our State leadership and support anyone’s right to disagree with the legislature’s special session being closed, this was a wholly inexcusable and dangerous way for Representative Mike Nearman to handle his disagreement. His judgement cannot be trusted and he must be removed as soon as possible.“


Jay Nelson, HD-23 Constituent:

“It seems to me that respect for the rule of law is a basic qualification for serving as a lawmaker. If Nearman can't follow the law, he has no business making it.”


Thomas Lenon, HD23 Constituent:

“I call for the expulsion of Mike Nearman from the Oregon House of Representatives if he has not resigned by the time the legislature convenes tomorrow. His contempt for democracy and civility is on the record. His actions have endangered his legislative colleagues. He should not represent my district in the House due to violation of his oath of office and unethical conduct.”


Marsha Bacon, HD23 Constituent:

“As a voter in HD23 I'm not surprised at Nearman's action to put police, and his fellow legislators, in jeopardy by these hooligans.  He should be prosecuted for his actions.”


Alyson Lafky-Larkin, HD23 Constituent:

As a constituent of Representative Nearman, I am appalled and worried about his actions at the Oregon Capitol on December 21st.  As we saw the horrific events unfold in Washington DC last week, we are reminded that the same situation occurred here in Oregon.  Luckily, it did not escalate as bad but it could easily have.  Representative Nerman put citizens, law enforcement, his colleagues, and our Oregon legislative leaders and staff all at risk and endanger.  He must be held accountable and we must take this matter seriously and not normalize this situation.  I ask, as his constituent, that he resign or be removed from office immediately.  


Gustavo Guerrero, Vice Chair:

 “The last several months have tested both our resiliency as a community to overcome a global pandemic and as a democracy to withstand the dismantling of our institutions by fascist actors with self-serving interests. Americans across the country, and here in our home state, have been divided by a type of politics that sees no boundaries or limits to the grotesque actions bad actors are willing to take to meet their agendas and disrupt our democratic system. It is clear by the information released today that our legislators are no exception. Representative Mike Nearman’s actions on December 21st, 2020, demonstrated a complete disrespect of the legislative process and a complete disregard for the lives of his colleagues, their staffers, and the men and women who serve and protect the Oregon legislature. His actions are inexcusable, intolerable, and warrant expulsion from the Oregon Legislative Assembly, pursuant to Article IV Section 15 of the Oregon Constitution. It is incumbent upon leadership to protect staffers and members alike by removing walking threats like Representative Mike Nearman.”


Omar Sandoval, Chair:

“Representative Nearman’s actions are inexcusable. Given the devastating events that occurred on January 6th, 2021 in Washington DC, where violent mobs similar to the ones we saw on December 21st, 2020 attacked the US Capitol with the intent of harming congressional leaders and stopping the voice of the American people, Rep. Nearman must be held accountable. We

must take these matters seriously, and consider the lives of our legislators, staffers, and all

other employees at the Capitol who serve our great State.”

Yamhill County Democrats Blanket County with Neighbor to Neighbor Outreach

October 12, 2020


Yamhill County Democrats embrace grassroots outreach tactics to counter the rising tide of dark money flooding local, county, and state races. Democrats and Non-Affiliated Voters in Yamhill County should expect to be contacted and encouraged to vote by their neighbors between now and November 3rd.


The Neighborhood Leader Voter Outreach program is a Democratic Party of Oregon program that is operational in most counties in the state. 265 volunteers in Yamhill County will contact nearly 14,000 of their neighbors who are registered Democrats with reminders to submit their ballots. With donations raised by local group Progressive Yamhill, an additional 7000 postcards will be mailed to County Non-Affiliated Voters who missed voting in a recent election, reminding them their vote is vital to a functioning democracy. In precincts where all registered Democrats have been assigned to Neighborhood Leaders, volunteers have started contacting Non-affiliated Voters as well. In all, 23% of Yamhill County Voters will receive a personal reminder to return their ballots.


Yamhill County Democrats Chair Omar Sandoval has been happy to see the volunteer turnout this year, saying, “Yamhill County has seen an increase in expensive signs and advertisements in recent elections, but, we know that studies have shown person to person connections to be the most effective means of encouraging voters.  We’re excited to be able to channel the energy around this year’s election into meaningful, local action.”


While COVID-19 concerns have curtailed many in-person get out the vote efforts into more virtual activities the Yamhill County Democrats are keeping the health and safety of the community in mind by encouraging more text, phone, and postal contacts this year. Several Neighborhood Leaders have gotten their whole family in on the effort, including one volunteer who shared, “It was such a joyful experience to feel like I'm not the only Democrat in my neighborhood that I got my husband to sign up, too!”


The Neighborhood Leader program uses publicly available data from the Secretary of State’s voter rolls to build long term connections and trust between neighbors. By matching a Neighborhood Leader to other Democrats nearby they are fostering deeper and more personal connections. 


Sue Delventhal, a returning Neighborhood Leader in Newberg said, “The Neighborhood Leader Program is truly empowering and effective. It is based on building relationships with your neighbors. In 2018 I was able to encourage a hesitant first time voter to vote by providing her information on the candidates and the ballot measures. Two days before the election I noticed her mother had not turned in her ballot. After texting the young voter she responded that she was able to convince her mother to fill out her ballot and they drove together to a ballot box to deposit it.”


Registered Democrats can expect their Neighborhood Leaders to mail or drop slate cards listing the County Party’s endorsements at their doors soon.  A final canvass will be conducted the weekend of October 17-18 to drop slate cards at neighborhoods without a Neighborhood Leader, volunteers are welcome to mask up and join the effort by contacting

Los Demócratas del Condado de Yamhill Cubren el Condado Con Alcance Vecindario

12 de Octubre de 2020


Los demócratas del condado de Yamhill adoptan tácticas de alcance comunitario para contrarrestar la creciente ola de dinero oscuro que inunda las contiendas locales, del condado y estatales. Los demócratas y votantes no afiliados del condado de Yamhill deben esperar que sus vecinos se comuniquen con ellos y los animen a votar entre ahora y el 3 de noviembre.


El programa Neighborhood Leader Voter Outreach es un programa del Partido Demócrata de Oregon que está en funcionamiento en la mayoría de los condados del estado. 265 voluntarios en el condado de Yamhill se comunicarán con casi 14,000 de sus vecinos que son demócratas registrados con recordatorios para enviar sus boletas. Con las donaciones recaudadas por el grupo local Progressive Yamhill, se enviarán por correo 7000 postales adicionales a los votantes no afiliados del condado que no votaron en una elección reciente, recordándoles que su voto es vital para una democracia en funcionamiento. En los recintos donde todos los demócratas registrados han sido asignados a líderes del vecindario, los voluntarios también han comenzado a comunicarse con los votantes no afiliados. En total, el 23% de los votantes del condado de Yamhill recibirán un recordatorio personal para devolver sus boletas.


El presidente de los demócratas del condado de Yamhill, Omar Sandoval, se alegró de ver la participación de voluntarios este año y dijo: “El condado de Yamhill ha visto un aumento en carteles y anuncios costosos en las elecciones recientes, pero sabemos que los estudios han demostrado que las conexiones de persona a persona son las los medios más eficaces para animar a los votantes. Estamos entusiasmados de poder canalizar la energía en torno a las elecciones de este año en una acción local significativa ".


Si bien las preocupaciones por el COVID-19 han reducido muchos esfuerzos en persona para sacar el voto a más actividades virtuales, los demócratas del condado de Yamhill están teniendo en cuenta la salud y la seguridad de la comunidad al alentar más mensajes de texto, teléfono y contactos postales este año. Varios líderes del vecindario han hecho que toda su familia participe en el esfuerzo, incluido un voluntario que compartió: “¡Fue una experiencia tan alegre sentir que no soy el único demócrata en mi vecindario que hice que mi esposo se inscribiera también! "


El programa Neighborhood Leader utiliza datos disponibles públicamente de las listas de votantes del Secretario de Estado para construir conexiones a largo plazo y confianza entre vecinos. Al hacer coincidir a un líder de vecindario con otros demócratas cercanos, están fomentando conexiones más profundas y personales.


Sue Delventhal, una líder de vecindario que regresa en Newberg dijo: “El programa de líderes de vecindario es verdaderamente empoderador y eficaz. Se basa en construir relaciones con sus vecinos. En 2018, pude alentar a una votante por primera vez que dudaba a votar al brindarle información sobre los candidatos y las medidas de la boleta electoral. Dos días antes de las elecciones noté que su madre no había entregado su papeleta. Después de enviarle un mensaje de texto a la joven votante, ella respondió que pudo convencer a su madre de que llenara su boleta y se dirigieron juntas a una urna para depositarla ”.


Los demócratas registrados pueden esperar que sus líderes de vecindario envíen por correo o suelten tarjetas con listas de los respaldos del Partido del Condado en sus puertas pronto. Se llevará a cabo un escrutinio final el fin de semana del 17 al 18 de octubre para dejar tarjetas de pizarra en los vecindarios sin un líder de vecindario, los voluntarios pueden disfrazarse y unirse al esfuerzo contactando a

Yamhill County Democrats Open New McMinnville Office

August 22, 2020

We're Open.  Come In!

Estamos Abiertos.  Pasense!

1107 NE Baker Street McMinnville


Mon/Lun 4pm-8pm

Wed/Mié 4pm-8pm

Sat/Sáb 10am-2am


Yamhill County Democrats are opening a new office on Baker Street in McMinnville. The office, located at 1107 NE Baker Street, will be open to the public beginning Monday, August 31.

Yamhill County Democrats Chair Omar Sandoval is excited about the opening, and for the opportunities the new space offers.  He believes having a physical presence in McMinnville is an important way to reach out to voters in the county, as well as to support the array of strong Democratic candidates who will be on the ballot this fall.

“This office will serve not only as a crucial resource to Democrats seeking to create change by running for elected office in such a critical election year but also as a resource to the community.  I envision this office as a hub for Democrats of all backgrounds to safely get involved in the political process, and make their voices heard.  I’d also like to thank Vice-Chair Gustavo Guerrero, who spearheaded these efforts to get us one step closer to being ready for the November elections,” said Chair Sandoval.


COVID-19 concerns have pushed many traditional in-person campaigning, fundraising, and get out the vote efforts into more virtual activities.  Candidates will now have dedicated office space away from their homes for their virtual campaigns, such as distraction-free zoom meetings, conference calls and phone-banking.

The new office will also offer campaign merchandise for sale, provide campaign literature, and house a workspace for volunteers and a hosting site for virtual meetings, such as the training events the county Democrats are offering for new candidates.

The Yamhill County Democrats office will be open Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm-8pm, and on Saturdays from 10am-2pm.


For public health safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, adequate space has been outlined to ensure proper social distancing.  Additionally, visitors, volunteers, and staff will be required to wear facial coverings while inside the office space, and hand sanitizer will be available.

For more information, call 503.437.8925 or visit

Los Demócratas Del Condado De Yamhill Abren Nueva Oficina En McMinnville

August 22, 2020

We're Open.  Come In!

Estamos Abiertos.  Pasense!

1107 NE Baker Street McMinnville


Mon/Lun 4pm-8pm

Wed/Mié 4pm-8pm

Sat/Sáb 10am-2am



Los demócratas del condado de Yamhill están abriendo una nueva oficina en Baker Street en McMinnville. La oficina, ubicada en 1107 NE Baker Street, estará abierta al público a partir del lunes 31 de agosto.

El presidente de los demócratas del condado de Yamhill, Omar Sandoval, está entusiasmado con la apertura y las oportunidades que ofrece el nuevo espacio.  Él cree que tener una presencia física en McMinnville es una forma importante de llegar a los votantes en el condado, así como para apoyar la serie candidatos demócratas que estarán en la boleta este otoño.

 Esta oficina servirá no solo como un recurso crucial para los demócratas que buscan crear un cambio postulándose para cargos electos en un año electoral tan crítico, sino también como un recurso para la comunidad. Imagino esta oficina como un centro para que los demócratas de todos los orígenes se involucren de manera segura en el proceso político y hagan escuchar sus voces. También me gustaría dar las gracias al Vicepresidente Gustavo Guerrero quien fue un lider en estos esfuerzos y nos pone mas cercas a las elecciones en noviembre. 

Las preocupaciones de COVID-19 han empujado a muchas campañas tradicionales en persona, recaudación de fondos y sacar los esfuerzos de votación a actividades más virtuales.  Los candidatos ahora tendrán espacio de oficina dedicado lejos de sus hogares para sus campañas virtuales, como reuniones de zoom sin distracciones, llamadas de conferencia y banca telefónica.

 La nueva oficina también ofrecerá mercancía de campaña para la venta, proporcionará literatura de campaña y albergará un espacio de trabajo para voluntarios y un sitio de alojamiento para reuniones virtuales, como los eventos de capacitación que los demócratas del condado están ofreciendo para nuevos candidatos.

La oficina de los Demócratas del Condado de Yamhill estará abierta los lunes y miércoles de 4pm-8pm, y los sábados de 10am-2pm. 

Para la seguridad de la salud pública durante el brote COVID-19, se ha consequido un espacio adecuado para garantizar un distanciamiento social adecuado.  Además, los visitantes, voluntarios y el personal deberán usar cubrebocas mientras estén dentro del espacio de la oficina, y habrá desinfectante para manos disponible.

Para obtener más información, llame al 503.437.8925 o visite

Candidate Training Series, Summer 2020

July 15, 2020


All eyes on Washington DC this November, but closer to home we are electing City Council and Mayoral candidates, too, and just 6 short months later, School Board members are up for election in May 2021.


Have you thought of running for office, whether local, state, or national? Join us for a 5 session Candidate Training this summer!

Discussion will be held via Zoom call. Register in advance for this webinar series (one registration gets you into every event):


July 11: Introductory Session, Panel discussion with local & state elected officials

July 25: The Basics: Filing, Finance, finding voters, Voter’s Pamphlet Statement

August 8: Messaging, Social Media

August 22: Fundraising

Yamhill County Democrats Encourage Mask Wearing In Indoor Public Spaces

June 25, 2020

On June 25, Yamhill County Democrats passed the following formal resolution:

A RESOLUTION OF THE Yamhill County Democrats


IN SUPPORT OF Encouraging the Wearing of Masks or Face Coverings in Indoor Public Spaces


WHEREAS; the number of COVID-19 positive cases is rising again in Oregon;

WHEREAS, Yamhill County is a popular tourist destination;

WHEREAS, transmission of COVID-19 is more likely in indoor spaces;

WHEREAS, masks or other face coverings, are physical barriers that block many of the virus-containing droplets expelled by the masked person when they talk, sing, sneeze, or cough, and can substantially decrease the transmission of COVID-19; 

WHEREAS, fourteen entire states, and portions of other states, require masking in indoor public spaces, and the 4 counties that border Yamhill County (Washington, Marion, Polk, and Lincoln counties) all require masking in indoor public spaces;

WHEREAS, it is critical to control the spread of this public health crisis so that our businesses and schools can remain open.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT that the Yamhill County Democrats strongly urge our elected officials, Yamhill County residents, and visitors to wear face masks or other face coverings, for all people older than 2-years-old in all indoor public spaces.

Mask Resolution
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