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Executive Committee

Executive Committee:

A. Membership the Executive Committee shall be comprised of all persons holding the following positions:


I. Chair


II. Vice-Chair


III. Treasurer


IV. Recording Secretary


V. Corresponding Secretary


VI. Immediate past YCD Chair


VII. All current standing committee Chairs. One person may hold more than one position; however, no one person shall be entitled to more than one vote regardless of number of positions held. All YCD members are welcome to attend Executive Committee meetings and encouraged to participate.


B. Quorum a minimum of four (4) Executive Committee members that includes the Chair and/or Vice-Chair shall constitute a quorum.


C. Duties


I. The Executive Committee shall hold meetings prior to each YCD general meeting.


II. The Executive Committee oversees all activities of the YCD and conducts all necessary business required between general meetings.


III. The Executive Committee schedules general meetings and develops programs for general meetings.


IV. The Executive Committee shall function in the place of any committee not fully constituted.


V. The Executive Committee shall review all significant donations, and approve acceptance of the donation.


VI. The Executive Committee must approve all administrative items, including all budgets and campaign contributions, prior to recommending YCD vote approval.


VII. In the event the Executive Committee deems time is of the essence for a specific expenditure they have approved, such expenditure not to exceed two-hundred dollars ($200) may be made without YCD vote.


VIII. The Executive Committee shall perform such additional duties as assigned by the YCD.


D. Vote by e-mail the Chair may authorize an Executive Committee vote by e-mail only providing:


I. A single, time sensitive item requires a vote prior to the next scheduled Executive Committee meeting; and


II. Executive Committee members are provided with an e-mail identifying the item and request for vote; and such e-mail is sent to members’ e-mail addresses on file with the YCD Corresponding Secretary.


III. Votes to be counted shall be cast by e-mail and received by the Chair no later than end-of-day two full days after date e-mail has been sent. Voting will be recognized only when all members of the Executive Committee have responded.


The Chair may determine additional procedures of contact for this purpose not in conflict with these Bylaws.

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