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Election 2020

The 2020 election season is many things.  It is exhilarating, exciting, exhausting, and scary.  But more than that, it is hopeful. 


We see the audacious hope and energy in the eyes of our volunteers who show up to staff our office. We see it in those who bounce in to pick up blank postcards, return them hand-written and stamped, and grab another stack on their way out the door.  We read it in the many emails flying around from our intrepid Neighborhood Leaders, who are personally contacting and virtual door-knocking with their neighbors.  And we hear it in the voices of fellow Zoomies as we embrace technology to navigate this critical election season during a global pandemic. 

We are hopeful and energetic because we have an absolutely TERRIFIC slate of candidates.  You'll meet them below. 

2020 Yamhill County Democrats Endorsements



Ballot Measures:

VOTE YES on Measure 107  Campaign Finance

Allows state and local laws or ordinances which reveal the true source of money spent on Oregon elections, limit campaign contributions and spending, and require political ads to disclose who paid for them.

VOTE YES on Measure 108  Taxes and Tobacco

Increases cigarette tax from $1.33 per pack to $3.33 per pack; imposes tax on nicotine inhalant delivery systems such as e-cigarettes at a rate of 65% of the wholesale price; dedicates revenues to the Oregon Health Authority for medical and health programs


VOTE YES on Measure 109  Psilocybin Services Act

Legalizes psilocybin mushrooms for Oregon Psilocybin Services Program under the Oregon Health Authority

VOTE YES on Measure 110  Addiction/Recovery Services

Provides statewide addiction and recovery services funded partially by marijuana taxes. Reclassifies personal/non-commercial drug possession offenses. Manufacture and distribution offenses remain unchanged.

Slate Card

Get to know a bit about our candidates.

Melissa Cribbins

cribbins headshot light

Oregon Senate 5

David Gomberg


Oregon House 10

Lynnette Shaw

Shaw head shot.jpg

Oregon House 24

RJ Navarro

navarro head shot.jpg

Oregon House 25

Bernadette Hansen

hansen head shot.jpg

Oregon Senate 12

Sean Scorvo

scorvo head shot.jpg

Oregon House 23

Courtney Neron

neron head shot.PNG

Oregon House 26

Candidate Spotlight

Candidate Spotlight

Campaign Merchandise

What is an election season without merchandise to display to support your candidates, and to collect for later?

Here is a list of the 2020 campaign merchandise we currently have available at our new office.  Come and visit us.

1107 Baker Street NE, McMinnville

Hours: Mon/Wed 4pm-8pm and Sat 10am-6pm

  • Buttons (Stock, and sometimes hand-made to order while you wait)

  • Bumper Stickers

  • Limited T-Shirts

  • Limited cloth face masks

  • Local Candidate yard signs and campaign materials (all free)

  • Biden-Harris Yard Signs.  LAST WEEK SALES PRICES: $8/each, or $5 for bulk purchases. You can buy or order when you visit the store, or by submitting this simple form.  Someone will contact you by email or phone when your order is in. Please be sure to tell us whether you prefer phone (voice or text?) or email contact.

  • In Our America Yard Signs.  22" x 14".  These are $15 each, and include a metal stand.  Order here or buy in our office.

  • In Our America Window Signs.  17" x 11".  These are $10 each.  Order here or buy in our office.

All proceeds from merchandise sales go to Yamhill County Democrats.  We receive no outside funding other than these proceeds and donations.

Update on Biden-Harris yard signs:  As of 10/25, we still have a limited quantity of yard signs, but will not be ordering more. LAST CHANCE TO BUY!! Please take the time to order your sign(s) through this form so we can be sure to set yours aside for you.  Or, come on into the office during office hours (M/W 4pm-8pm and Sat 10am-6pm) and buy yours.  LAST WEEK SALES PRICES:  Signs are $8/each, or $5/each for bulk orders of 10 or more signs.  We are absolutely thrilled with the energy level here in Yamhill County!  Thank you!

You are more than welcome to buy in bulk and share with neighbors, friends, and family, so order below, or come in and visit us!

Order Yard Signs
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